Having trouble with JSGF - The Java Speech Grammar Format. The JSGF is primarily used with rule grammars in speech recognition. It seems some of the syntax in JSGF has been borrowed from regular expressions but unfortunately you don't find all the power of regex in JSGF.

Since it has been inspired by regular expressions why they didn't just copy it in it's entirity after all that would have made life easier for the people who create the implementations because they can then build on existing infrastructure.

Now for my problem with JSGF: I need a rule grammar for recognizing phone numbers. If you take for example 0112912900 many people will recite this is Zero, Double One, Two, One, Two, Nine, Double Zero.

Unfortunately it does not look as if the grammar format can support this kind of detection thus uses will be forced to recite the numbers one at a time - which is not very user friendly.

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