The Fedora Core Experience.


Finally I have a few nice things to say about Fedora. The most impressive thing about it is the fact that almost all it's packages are so spanking new. For example it uses Gnome 2.8 and it seems like yesterday when I struggled with a manual installation of gnome 2.6.

As related change, it now uses Xorg instead of XFree86, one of the problems that effected my compilation of gnome from source apparently had to do with a couple of issues in XFree86. All these changes to X, gnome and KDE also means that drag and drop is more consistent and yes you can now drag and drop upload files.

I also like the fact the CD Burning is no longer the painfull affair it used to be, but this is thanks mostly to k3b more than anything else. The same can be said about printing, in my old distro some of the fonts looked absolutely hideous when printed. While on this topic does open office really start up a lot quicker or do I feel that way because of my new machine?

Now for the brick bats; Why is it that the Mozilla browser now refused to start up untill I installed the backward compatibility libraries? they should have been installed by default. Most software is still designed to be linked against older versions of libc.

The biggest gripe though is with SELinux. SELinux apparently thinks it's ok to copy files from one folder to another and to delete the source - which is of course the equivalent of moving files, however it does not allow you to use the mv command in this way. This statement should be qualified by saying the super user was moving files that belonged to one user to another folder that was owned by a different use, but still if mv is disallowed the same should apply to cp as well.

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