End of the road for adsense?


Google recently made changes to their adwords programs. Since adsense is the siamese twin of adwords they cannot be separated easily, as a result the adsense program has also undergone changes but the bottom line is that as a publisher you may recieve much less per click through than you used to. The adwords advertisers in turn would be paying less.

Since google does not publish their payment rates there really isn't an accurate way for measuring CPC but there are plenty of good indicators. For example on saturday this site generated a total of $0.03 in revenue!

On the other hand at Rad Inks we do a lot of adverising on the adwords program. On the same date (saturday) we managed to save all of $0.10 thanks to these changes.

Wonder how many thousands of dollars they spent to implement them, in the end the benefit is neglible for the advertiser and a disaster for publishers. And to think that less than a month ago I was writing that adwords and adsense are the best around

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