6630 - I want this phone!


The last three times I bought phones for myself it has always been Siemens. Having had the unfortunate experience of writing some j2me stuff for the 6600, I promised myself that I would not use a nokia phone again.

Sometimes you make promises that you cannot keep. The 6630 makes it worthwhile to break this promise. It has everythign that you can wish for in a phone, it has GCF , something that is absolutely essential in a mobile phones (unfortunately not everyone agrees).

This phone has a camera that even a film camera enthusiast will not be embarassed to use. It has video, not the 15 seconds clips that pass off as video on most phones but real video. The closest running siemens can record only 30seconds.

Now the catch, mobile phones are hugely overpriced in Sri Lanka, foriegn travel unfortunately isn't on the cards at the moment, so I guess it will just have to wait for another month or two.

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