linux 2.6.5 and modules


Downloaded and installed the module-init-tools since that's what the article at said I should be doing. Even after I installed it the error message

Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools


Still keeps popping up when attempting to run make modules_install.

After the reboot the kernel was still unable to load the modules. However it does boot up successfully since i changed everything so that all essentials are loaded as part of the main image instead of loading as a module. Except a mouse that seems to move several miles per hour faster than it used to

There doesn't seem to be much wrong for the moment but I need to figure out the modules issue becuase iptables is one of the things that are not starting up correctly. Well iptables hardly matters because the network card and PPP modules are not loading either.

The module-init-tool FAQ suggests changing the line 337 in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit but the line doesn't look at all like whats given in the FAQ. This patch changes the way modprobe is handled. Reading through the file i found the same code on line 360 (I am running RH9) and made the changes. Now it's time for another reboot.

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