J2ME and Bluetooth


The 6600 that i have been writing about is one of the few phones that implement the JSR XXX, the j2me bluetooth spec.

My first encounter with bluetooth was around four years ago at the time not many people had even heard of it. Unfortunately I never got the opporutinity to look under the hood of bluetooth. Now I am doing that but I am taking a short cut.

One of the main complaints that C programmers have about java is that you can create a lot of networking aplications with out a proper understanding of the underlying protocols; this is probably true, thus even though I claim to be looking under the hood i will not be getting my hands very greasy.

So far i have only managed to search for devices. The second step searching for services on these devices hasn't been very successfull so far. Initially I had no success at all until I realizes that the search sevice tried to return systems that matched all UUIDs that you passed to it, i was giving it a pretty hefty array. I immidiately started testing for one UUID at a time and started discovering a few.

My efforts have been hampered because I only have an IR dongle but do not have a BT dongle. However I do have a Siemens S55 in addition to the 6600 so i have still been able to do some testing. But if i had a dongle i would have been able to do a lot of work on the Series 60 SDK and save the time in transferring the midlets to the phone after each build

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