Rad Upload


Just made a new release of Rad Upload.

The other day, I wrote about changes to Rad FTP in order to make it compatible with some FTP servers on the windows platform. Well, Rad Upload has it's built in FTP client. As you might guess it is based on some of the classes from Rad FTP. So it stands to reason that a new release of our file uploader has to hit the shelves.

Improvements to the FTP functionality is not the only change though. We have also made improvements to the image scaling capabilities of the applet.

Rad Upload can be configured to scale images larger than a certain height or width before they are uploaded. From version 2.00 (when this feature was introduced) to version 2.02, you had to enter both a height and width. Some clients however told us that there are certain instances where it is inconvinient to specify both dimensions. So we listened.

The new version of Rad Upload Plus will allow you to scale images by entering a max for only one of the two dimensions. The other can simply be left undefined, or set to -1.

We were hoping to jump straight from version 2.02 to 2.10 (which will include gzip compression), but we thought these changes significant enough to warrant another release in between.

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