pass the Wine


The last time I installed wine on my computer was on 2003-07-09. It's so easy to tell the data since the wine download includes the date as part of it's name. That was too long ago, and after upgrading to the new 2.6.5 kernel I decided to install the new version of wine.

The last time I installed wine, I don't remember seeing RPM distributions, i had to download the source and compile it myself. Though this is usually the best way to install software on linux systems it does take a little bit of time, so this time around I decided a short cut is in order and downloaded the rpm instead.

The last time around, probably due to a configuration problem I couldn't run windows programs as root, this time that problem at least seems to have gone away. They have done tremoundous improvements to the system. And most software that have windows 98 (tm) as the minimum requirement will run very well on wine. 2000 and XP versions aren't running all that well same can be said about NT. Though NT looked a very good OS in comparision to 98, it's really is neanderthal when you compare with 2000.

My real goal in upgrading wine was to see if it would be possible to run some of the voice recognition software that's available for windows platform on my linux box. I have orderd via voice, let's wait till i get my copy.

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