Google Changes Again


Google seems to have gone back to their habit of changing the first few results every few hours. However what's more interesting is that they have announced yet another change to the adsense program - of course that means a change adwords have followed almost immidiately.

The new change involes the display of 'graphical' of 'image ads' on adsense publisher sites. Even now what looks like a text ad and smells like a text advert is in fact a graphic delivered with the help of the javascript that you have to add to your page as an advertiser.

It's safe to assume that this new change will result in the kind of graphical ads that have been delivered by other networks showing up on this network as well. Many if not most website owners are unhappy with such ads from rival advertising companies because they are 'too obvius' and visitors generally tend to ignore them. Publishers can choose not to display image ads. One such publisher is! . They have stated that image ads will not be displayed on the google search results pages.

Let's hope that the same fate does not await the adsense graphical.

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