Search at last


These blogs and the rest of this site is finally searchable. This long overdue feature has been finally added with the help of aspseek.

The name ASPseek is quite misleading. Once someone asked in the PHP mailing list for a site search engine, I recommended ASPSeek and pat came the reply 'but that's for ASP'. Nothing can be further from the truth, I doubt if the developers of ASPseek have ever spent more than a few hours on the win$ platform.

ASPseek is a search engine built completely in the C programming language. It's fully equipped and includes a spider. When you trace it's familiy tree you find that ASPSeek i's based on the mnogosearch engine which was very popular not so long ago. The spin off is faster and supposedly more scalable than Mnogosearch. About an year back I did a comparision study of these two engines and I can indeed confirm that ASPseek is faster. I canot afford the bandwidth to stretch the upper limits of either engine in terms of scalability.

As a result of this study however we developed a small regional search engine + directory named Kelanisearch that makes use of ASPseek. In fact the results that see when you use the search box on this site are results from kelanisearch - customized for this site.

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