Getting Started With Subversion

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In the process of working with the Info Dancer maildir implementation, I contacted it's author Mathew Hunter and discussed making a contribution (code not financial).

I came to learn the he is using subverson for source control instead of CVS. It just so happens I had totally corrupted some of my cvs repositories almost an year back. I had made some errors in tagging and no matter what I did thereafter it always resulted in many conflicts at update or commit. As a result of which some of my projects can no longer be commited at all.

Yes, it's almost like not having a revision control system and having to make 'nightly tarballs' as a means of safe guarding my code. Though a simple script takes care of it, it remains an annoyance. Now here comes the perfect opportunity to switch over to SVN.

Since you are no doubt as busy as I am, you would have been putting off many studies like this because there wasn't a pressing need. Now there is a pressing need for me to get the hang of subversion so I will. If not for infodancer my knowledge of version control systems would have remained limited to CVS for many more months to come.


update 2011-11-28 : looks like Info Dancer hasn't gone forward a lot since then and sadly I never made that contribution either.

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