Another Page Rank Calculation?


It looks like there may have been another page rank calculation during the last few days. Since the google toolbar is not available for unix like systems and I login to a windows machine very very rarely, I cannot be certain about the date of the calculation.

It does look like lots of sites have seen their page ranks decrease slightly or at least this is what I have gathered from some mailing list discussions. I can confirm that this site as well as some of the sites operated by Rad Inks have seen their page rank drop slightly as well.

Such a reduction can only mean they have changed the algorithm to give a lower value to certain types of incoming links. None of our sites have links from farms or any other 'grey' websites. So it could be that 'internal links' may have been given a lower weight (this is pure speculation on my part)

In any event there is little point in losing sleep over something that you can't control. Unless you plan to by a few million of google's shares when they go public shortly you might as well catch your forty winks now.

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