RPM on 2.6.5


Because of the problems associated with RPM on linux 2.6.5, I decided to upgrade my RPM installation. Even though I compile most software from sources, I thought it would be inappropriate to do so for RPM.

So I dug up RPM-4.3.1 from rpmfind.net. The distribution I use is Red Hat 9, but my installation hardly looks like RH because most packages have been updated. A 4.3 release wasn't available for RH 9 so I decided to download the the one for fedora

but suprisingly it seemed as if a corresponding rpm-devel did not exist

Before trying to upgrade RPM i decide to back up the RPM database by making tarball of what's in /var/lib/rpm

Unfortunately when I did the actual upgrade I found that it had a list of dependencies as long as my arm and would break many more. All in all using LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 seems a lot easier than upgrading.

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