The list idiot


Yesterday someone in the evolt list asked about using Weblogic to deliver servlets. Curiosly this guy doesn't even have a web application, he is just building a dynamic coporate website. What matters though is that he was willing to learn. So I commented about the waste of using battle tank to hunt deer and some other knowledgable posters said pretty much the same thing.

The thread starter also wanted to know wether it's worth while to use jsp or servlets (or even struts (my god)) to build these pages. He went on to say that the each user of the site pretty much sees the same content. I suggested getting a simple PHP CMS and make it produce static html

It was then that a know it all (you find them in every list) jumped in and replied my message sayin JSPs are compiled to Servlets and it happens only once (as If i didn't know). So that it can be considered that the html is produced only once. Obviously this idiot doesn't even know the difference between static and dynamic content.

He also assumed that I was recommending PHP because I was ignorant of JSP!. I read in James Gosling's blog that someone in a recent discussion tried to teach him C. Why do people who only have limited knowledge of one technology assume that other people also know only one technology?

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