What's up at SF


What's going on at Sourceforge.net? though they say each project listed on their site must be open source in spirit it looks like the spirit is no longer with SF.

I have been trying to add another release to the megaupload project for a few days without much luck. The standard practice is to upload the file to their incoming FTP directory, go through the file release system and add it to the system.

Unfortunately the FTP server seems badly messed up it no longer shows a directory listing, and when you attempt to upload a file it does not get accepted, yet when you retry you are told that a 0 (zero) byte file of the same name is already on the system and the upload get's rejected.

There is also an alternative system, where you can upload the file over HTTP, this is known as the quick release system. It would appear that files released in this manner are placed in the same location as those uploaded over a HTTP. As a result the quick release system also fails saying the file could not be saved.

In the end, I managed to release the file after changing the filename (so that a conflict with an 'invisible' existing file does not occur).

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