Rad Upload


Rad Upload now has it's own website. We decided to move out the Rad Upload demonstration to a separate site on a separate server (with more bandwidth) for obvious reasons.

What obvious reasons? well sometimes we have several potential clients testing the applet at the same time. That usually means they are uploading files. That takes up processor, memory and bandwidth. This makes the rest of the site feel a little slower for other users.

So we now have the rad upload demo set up at radupload.com. In the previous versions we limited incoming data to 10MB. Now that the demo is now on it's own server we can increase this limit for those who wish to see the applet handling bigger loads.

The last couple of months at Rad Inks we have spent a lot of time on research and customer support but very little time on actual development. Development is once again regaining focus. Yesterday we released a new version of the FTP applet, hope to follow that up next week with another release of the Upload Applet.

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