Pandora's Box


My hard disk is a real pandora's box. There are all kinds of daemons lurking behind dark corner. I just hope there aren't any worms or trojans. Every once in a while, when looking for some misplaced file or other I come across a long forgotton download.

I have this bad habit of downloading interesting looking open source projects only to leave them gathering dust in some far away folder. When I do run into them again, often a new release has been made which makes the version that I have somewhat obsolete.

Today I just discovered a tarball of Jakarta Jmeter and another of Java Help. I have never used java help but had a run in with Jmeter in 2001, at the time, even though JMeter was an interesting tool it was rather buggy and took up a lot of memory. In fact OutofMemoryErrors were quite commong. I haven't yet tried out the new version (2.01) but I am sure it would have seen many an improvement.

So you can look forward to a follow up post on both Java Help and JMeter.

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