300 days, 300,000 pages, 30,000 downloads


Yops, that just about somes up the statistics for my Mega Upload project. Of course the top ten projects at sourceforge get ten times as many downloads each day as does megaupload. But then these projects are usually hundred times bigger in size.

The other day I wrote about a new release for the java edition, unfortunatley I couldn't quite get around to making up the tarball and adding it to the projects downloads. Of course it's a trivial task but it is alwasy such trivial tasks that fall pray to procrasitination but finally I managed to get around to it.

While still on the subject, it's about time that I upgraded the online demo as well. The new 1.4x branch is much more scalable than the 1.3x branch and the demo is being accessed more often than it used to be.

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