Overture and common cents


I have always felt overture is a bit wierd and I recieved confirmation in the form of a cheque for the princely sum of $1.16.

Since I live outside the US (in beautiful Sri Lanka) it cost them $0.80 to mail it to me. I am sure they had to pay someone to print, sign and post it so it would have cost them much more. My bank charges $3.00 for each foreign cheque so if I deposit this into my account I end up losing $1.84 instead of gaining $1.16. I don't even know what the cheque is for!!

This is not the first time I have seen a comedy of errors enacted by overture once upon a long ago I signed up to advertise through the overture channel but that story is worth it's own blog entry, so check back later. Suffice to say for the moment that google adsense is a far better option if you are a website owner and adwords is miles ahead of overture if you are an advertisee.

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