Adsense Login Woes


Adsense sessions seem to get dropped for no apparent reason at all. Three days ago, it just refused to accept my username and password. Since the passwords were stored in the password manager the question of my fogetting it does not arise. However I still went to the forgot password page and had it reset. I could login ok after that.

Yesterday it's another story. Did you get the mail from google about enhanced features? in short adsense ads can now be delivered on search resutls pages - something which you could not do before. This change also comes with a change to their agreement. This is where the problem lies.

Well the problem was not with the agreement, but when ever I clicked the accept button, it would log me out. When I attempt to login again it would say the password is invalid yet on the second attempt it would log me in with no trouble. This went on for three four times before finally my 'acceptance was accepted'. Then there was another form.

This one asked me to specify whether my adsense account is a business account or personal account. The same story as with the agreement was repeated yet again but I managed to get this done in the fourth or fifth attempt, only find myself being logged out again when I clicked on the reporting link.

New features seem to be just a collection of bugs at this stage. Despite that adsense still remains the best pay per click program out there.

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