Two weeks to answer a support request


What would you think of a company that took two weeks to answer a support request. You would probably say it's better not to have answered the request at all.

What would you say if the company involved is a web hosting company? in this case it was a lame webhosting company called aitcom The issue was that they had assigned the IP address already on use in my server to another machine! as a result the server was inaccessible.

Several attempts to get the issue resolved came to nought and the server continued to remain dead to the world. Finally fed up I asked them to terminate the account which was met with canned responses and they were even stupid enough to ask their response to be rated!!

Anyway today, I recieved another mail from them - around 10 days after I cancelled the account and about 2 weeks after I had given up on the issue saying they had resolved it by asigning a new IP to the server.

Now imagine if I was to continue to use the server, all DNS entries would have to be recreated which may take another 48 hours to propogate. This definitely is not a company that you want to entrust even your hobby website with baby on the lawn pictures.

Almost forgot, they send you the root password in a clear text email.

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