Page Rank

2004 June 22 at 23:53 » Tagged as :

Looks like google has done a page rank calculation within the last few days. It has been over a week since I last logged in with a computer that run windows. Unfortunately the google tool bar is not yet available for linux (despite google's reliance on linux)

So it would seem that the calculatio took place sometime between the 10th and today. Some pages on this site that were created in the first week of june have been ranked, yet in my other blog entries from mid May have not been awarded a page rank.

On this web site the page titled Sneak past PHP upload limits seems to have the highest rank, even higher than the home page. This page is in fact a part of the megaupload portion of the site, however the megaupload main page has a lower rank than the page just refered to.

I am not sure if google have changed their algorithm or not, there doesn't appear to be any drastic changes in search results - at least according the referer stats for this and other websites that I have a stake in. The same fact just reconfirms my view that page rank isn't worth bothering about, but it's very intoxicating and I can't help looking into it, I am sure that's how many others feel too.

While still on the subject, if you are using any automated tools to check page ranks or search results stop doing so immidiately, you could be seriously penalized.