From oral tradition to audio book


The first audio book from Sri Lanka, "the saadhu testament&quot, using synthesized speech, will be launched on the 25th of this month. It is another first by the Sri Lankan author daya dissanayake, who is convinced that the future of literature is in the e-book and the audio-book. 'the saadhu testament' , published in 1998, created a record by being the first e-novel from Asia and 'vessan novu wedun' published in 2003, was the first Sinhala e-novel.

Daya dissanayake in fact happens to be my father. I made the website more than five years ago, now Rad Inks is looking after the site now.

Creating an audio book from the ebook is the first project that Rad Inks has undertaken that involves Text To Speech technology, you can expect many more from us in the near futre - not just audio books but other software that involve the use of Text to Speech or voice recognition technology.

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