2004 June 25 at 02:06 » Tagged as :

Either I am daft or the doc is poor, either way I can't seem to figure out how to install mod_perl on my apache+ssl installation. I suspect it's the former.

I downloaed the source code and did the perl Makefile.PL, make, make test and make install as described in the installation guide. Now if I have understood this document correctly these steps will result in a the httpd.conf ( in my case httpsd.conf) being updated or a new httpsd.conf being created and placed in the apache.3.xx/src/ folder. It has not happened.

Despite that make test does not report any errors. what's going on? the test suite has it's own httpd.conf file that is used to start a server temporarily on another port, this file has many directives and it's tempting to cut and paste from it into my 'real' httpsd.conf - the trouble is I never cut and paste blindly.