Domain Name Resellers


Just out of curiosity I checked some of reseller schemes available from different domain name registrars. There are 12 domain names where I am listed as one contact or other. I was just wondering if it's possible to save a few bucks by signing up as a reseller - it looks like I can make huge saving of $1.00 per domain per year!!

That begs the question how do all these resellers make a profit? surely you need to sell thousands of domain names a month just to make ends meet? Since people who register in bulk get large discounts this $1.00 margin per domain name does not apply - that means you need a thousand domain name registrations by retail customers.

If the old 20 - 80 principle is true most of the registrations will be done by the big boys like network solutions or Go Daddy so the smaller resellers are surely just scraping the bottom of the barrel?

The picture probably changes for companies that are involved in the hosting business, but when you look closely you find that quite a few of them are just resellers of web space. A

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