Wrongfully charged by AITCOM


AITCOM, that pathetic excuse for a web hosting company has wrongfully charged my credit card. I signed up with aitcom a month ago for their dedicated server program. There was a considerable delay in setting up the server but at the time I was willing to put it with it. Unfortunately it turned out to be a sign of things to come.

Almost immidiately after the server had been setup they asigned the IP address already in use on my server to another computer - the result my server became inaccessible.

I immidately wrote to them and ask them to rectify the issue, which they did more than two weeks later! By this time I had already written to them (many times) asking that my account be cancelled. Each time they sent a canned reply saying I have to login to some wierd CRM system and follow up with a phone call. All very well except that I never recieved the credentials to login to this system (apparently I am not the only one who had that problem) and their phone line would always go to an answering machine.

In the meantime I had already contacted my bank and explained the situation. I asked them not to recognize and charge made by AITCOM. They assured me that any charges will by AITCOM will not show up on my bill, unfotunately I forgot to ask for this in writing and when I recieved the bill today guess what, there is a charge for $69 by AITCOM.

According to some websites AITCOM wrongfully charging people for services never made use is not uncommon. In fact it's their standard behaviour or modus operandi.

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