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Many web based forums display a number against each user's nick. This is the number of messages that he has posted at the boards hosted at that website.

On some of these sites you find users with their posting number in the thousands. At the middle of the bell curve are the users with a handfull of posts. On some popular forums like

devshed, users numbering 100+ posts are not uncommon.

Now for the gripe: If someone has posted 100+ messages you might be tempted to believe he is a really helpfull and knowledgable person who replies to lots of questions by newbies. The reality is that in some of these forums you find parasites who have asked hundreds of questions without bothering to do any research on their own.

What's really sad is that some forums have a policy of rewarding or at least highlighting people based purely on the number of messages they post. Here a clear cut case for filtering out the noise.

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