Java 1.5 and JFrame


I have just been reading through the documentation for java 1.50 (or 5.0 or java 2 version 5 not sure which). What's interesting is that you cannot find any references at all to a version 5.0. Everywhere it's referred to as version 1.50 be that as it may, the new release regardless of how you number it is very existing.

A trival change that makes a big difference is that that JFrame.add() can now be used instead of JFrame.getContentPane().add(). Wow what a relief. Other improvements that stuck me as being positive include the fact that it's now so much easier to switch between Integers and ints. The same applies to other primitives and wrapper classes.

One other feature that I would like to have is for these wrappes to be mutable instead of immutable, not sure if they have implemented it or not. It's not fair to expect String to be made mutable, it would be too much of a change and many of us would have to unlearn somethings that we have learnt.

I am in for many sleepless nights.

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