On the road with Java 5.0


I am now getting my feet wet and hands dirty coding with java 5 simply by changing my JAVA_HOME env. variable to /opt/java/jdk1.5.0. That means any java applications that I run will automatically use the new version - which is the fifth to be installed on this hard disk - not counting the wireless toolkits.

The first thing that stuck me about the new JVM is the new metal look and feel. It's just as nice as they have described in the documentation, so I take my hat off to the guys who worked on it. It's interesting to note that making your own look and feels (L&Fs) are now so much easier, that's certainly worth further investigaton.

Do you want to know what was the first application that I ran? it was Rad FTP and Rad SFTP desktop client came in second. They both worked with out any glitches so I guess we must have done something right! Didn't get to try out the applet versions yet because i have yet to reconfigure mozilla to use the new plugin. Though I happily run dozens bleeding edge software on my machine, i am reluctant to change the plug in - my livelyhood depends on it!!

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