People Still don't know what java is


That's right, only geeks know what java is. Want proof? then check out this page

This is the entry at for Rad FTP.

look under the user comments. One user had been scared off by the .jar extension! another has been puzzlied by the lack of an installer! (Rad FTP does not need an installer, just double click launches it!). Both these comments are presumably by people outside the developer community.

Just after visiting I visited Devshead forums there I found a post from a guy who has been blindly following the M$ religion. He is puzzled, nay annoyed that you cannot create exes with java. (Well you can if you know how to and want to waste your time). The fact that you don't need to create exes had eluded him. If that's the way developer behave you can forgive laymen right?

So then why does sun want to add to the confusion by renaming the j2se 1.5 as J2SE version 5 JDK 1.5?

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