more on Java and EXEs


The other day I wrote about the average person not knowing what Java is about. I also commented about how even developers look for ways of making executables out of jar files. Little do they know that a properly packaged jar file is executable.

Coincidently today I recieved a mail from tucows it was regarding the submission of the free version of Rad FTP to their archive; it had been rejected; the reason? Rad FTP does not contain an executable. You would have thought that tucows would know better but apparently they don't.

Interestingly the same jar is listed on - possibly because the minimum fee for listing on is $79.00 where as on tucows it's free. probably does not want to reject too many entries cause they will get bad press and lose money.

While still on the subject, some of the Adsense Ads that were displayed on the previous blog entry were for products that make exes from jar files. Someone thinks there is money to be made in it.

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