Jabber List Reactivated


There seems to be quite a lot of activity in the jabber lists of late, both the jadmin and jdev lists and I still haven't got a 2.0 installation! It's been more than an year since I was last involved in a jabber related project and it does look like I will have to do a lot of relearning specially if I want to answer any questions posted on the lists.

I used to be one of the major contributors to the jadmin list about two years ago and made a noteworthy contribution to the jdev list as well. Since last year though most of my contributions have been in the php list. I often find my self among the top 10 contributors (none of my postings are questions, (though they may not always be the answer the poster wanted to hear)).

I am just about to notch up my 500th posting at the devshed forums after that I am going to spend a bit of time at least reading the jabber posts to get my hand in.

Now you may ask why do I (and others like me) spend so much time in posting in message boards. I guess there is a bit of ego involved everyone likes to show off. The main reason though is that no matter how much experience you have, there is always something new to learn and message board postings occaisionaly dig up some real nuggets.

Another important aspect is that these postings give you a chance to see what kind of technologies other developers are interested in. That matters a lot more than the hyped up press releases distribued by software companies.

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