Rad Upload 3 Beta 2

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The second beta for Rad Upload 3 has been released. There are couple of small changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2 but I am happy to say there are no bug fixes because no bugs were reported.

The first change has to do with the radupload.properties file, the file that controls how the advanced features of the uploader can be configured. In hindsight radupload.properties wasn't a good name for it. Some (lame) text/html editors have trouble with the extension and the same goes for IIS. They shouldn't do that but they do. So rather than waiting for IIS and text editors to change we have renamed the file as radupload_properties.txt

The other change is because of a quirck in Safari browser. We thought we had it covered with version 2.22 of Rad Upload but it turns out that further changes are required for trouble free java-javascript interaction when Rad Upload is loaded in the Safari browser. This is not our fault but again we are the ones who need to make changes.

The change is simple enough, the signature of the javascript method called by the applet changes from: uploadCompleted(s) to uploadCompleted()

When the upload completes, the response that is sent by the server to the applet used to be passed through to the javascript in 's'. Now you need to retrieve that response using the applet's getResponse() method instead.

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