PHP 5 and Java 5


Does PHP 5 work with java 5? I decided to find out. The first step is of course the configuration, the last time I installed PHP 5 I installed both mysql and mysqli - this time I didn't want to bother with mysql extension so instead of that added --with-java

./configure --enable-xslt --with-xslt-sablot --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-gd --with-zlib --with-mysqli=/opt/DB/mysql-standard-4.1.1-alpha-pc-linux-i686/bin/mysql_config --with-java

The compilation had the usual missing kerberos problem (I am using apache ssl). After setting the env variables the compilation went smoothly, so did the install now comes the part where I have to edit the php.ini file. I simply copied across the entries from the ini file for my PHP 4 installation and edited the entries so that they now correspond to Java 5 instead of java 1.4.

The server startup failed; segfaulted because of a conflict with the installed turck MMCache suprisingly no matter what I did (ranging from updating my mmcache version, cleanip up the mmcache objects, trying apache without the SSL etc) the server completely refused to start up. MMCache refuses to allow it self to be removed.

So now I am going to leave this task in my extremely crowded back burner for the moment and going to take a look at running PHP 4.3.x with Java 5. In the meantime I have to figure out why turck is playing hard to get and to see if it can ever be made to work with PHP 5.

Follow up: July 24, 2004

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