500 Responses


That heading is misleading. I am not talking about HTTP or FTP error codes. Today I made my 500th post at the Devshed forums. 499 of these postings have been in reply to messages requesting help on varius topics - the one exception was when I posted a question on the AMR codec ( which went unanswered).

The bulk of the messages were made in the java message board but I made a usefull contribution in the PHP board as well - which if of course in addition to my contribution in the php list where I repond to around 40 questions each month.

In fact someone who has been lurking in that board invited me to moderate the PHP forums that they operate at : weberforums.com. I haven't decided wether to accept it or not (probably not I don't have the time). I did visit the site and take a look at the boards on a couple of occaisions after that but there weren't many unaswered messages so I couldn't make myself usefull. I am gonna watch it for a few days more before making the final decision.

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