AITCOM - Dedicated wrongfull billing service


AITCOM is a pathetic excuse for a web hosting company. Last month they wrongfully charged me to the tune of $150 - (at the time I thought they had charged me just $69 but turned out to be $150!!). This wasn't the first time that they did it either

Apperently they have tried to charge me again but finding the credit card details in their file is no longer valid they have the cheek to send me an invoice by email for a service that I have never used. In my book that makes them as straight as a rolled up network cable. According to the three strikes you are out rule they should be put away for a long time.

Of course I got into the whole mess by not doing a proper research before I gave them my credit card number. I have failed to come up with any positive comments on AITCOM except those posted by their employees or those who operate hand in glove with them.

Tales of woe are dime a dozen - If you are planning to go with AIT check out some of these before hand:


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