How to cancel your AITCOM account


If you made the biggest mistake of your life and signed up with AITCOM - the dedicated server failure company you are probably wondering how you can cancel your account. The only way is to cancel your credit card.

Like many other before me I obtained an account with them without googling about them first the server was never accessible and I sent countless emails asking that the acount be cancelled. They sent me the same canned reply over and over again about some wierd procedure to cancel the account.

According to that I have to login to one of their sites (username / password never given) and then follow up with a phone call (phone never answered). This seems to be they same procedure that others had been asked to follow as well.

Despite my not using the service and repeated cancellations requests the made two unauthorized chargs on my credit card.In desparation I had my card cancelled. Afterwards they had attempted to charge it again and since it failed they had finally suspended (not cancelled my account). According to their mail it's all my fault.

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