Growing Pains


Rad Inks is having growing pains. Until today we was hosted on just a single server. This server has been crashing on an all too often of late.

The worst outage occured today and yesterday all in all the server was inaccessible for around 14 hours out of the last 48 - mails began to bounce and sales screeched to a halt. It was then that we decided to a do a load balancing act.

We already had another server with us that wasn't under heavy load but the problem was with the DNS - not having a residential DNS expert we used the DNS servers of our ISP upto now we switched those across to zoneedit which offers excellent domain names services for a very reasonable fee.

You can easily set up a round robin system and what's more zoneedit can detect when one of the servers are failing and temporarily remove that IP from the list. In other words you get a very simple fail over system for a very very reasonable price.

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