Happy Birthday Megaupload


August 11th was the first birthday for Mega Upload the birthday coincided with the latest round of network problems so I was in no position to celebrate - to make matters a little worse the demo and the site for megaupload was largely inaccessible yesterday. Hosting for this site is provided by Rad Inks and thus the networks woes were felt here as well.

Anyway, things are back to normal though I am still worried about the demo. The reason is that like RadInks.com, this site is now load balanced by way of DNS round robin. Though my own testing has not revealed any problems with the demo I am still worried about how it might behave for some users, particularly those browsing from behind proxies.

The birthday also gives more reasons to get the next release out and perhaps start off on the C edition which I have been threatening to do for a long time. In the meantime the three editions currently available for download have seen around 38,500 downloads over the year. Not bad for a project that's still less than 25kb.

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