Tapering off?


If you have been a regular visitor to this site you may be wondering about the remarkable lack of posts during this month. It's been a week since I last made a blog entry. What is the reason? there are two reasons in fact.

The first reason is that it has been a crazy couple of weeks at Rad Inks with the servers failing with alarming regularity. To comphensate for that we resorted to DNS round robin but that lead to more headaches than it solved - at least temporarily.

The reason for the headaches is that our servers are not identical mirror images of each other. Being a small company we simply cannot afford that sort of redundancy in hardware. What we did was to draft in a server that was doing other duties to function as a web server and it lead to hard to find configuration errors which we are still resolving.

One such error was that the second server was acting as the demo for the print suite. As such any request on any virtual host for the print/ folder would be routed to the demo. Ouch!

So what's the second reason for not blogging as often? well having to spend most of my time on troubleshooting has meant that I haven't had the time to do any research of late. Hope to get started on that over the weekend.

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