Many moons ago I found a tarball of JMeter in my downloads folder. Finally I decided to have a go at installing it a task that turned out to be rather more complicated than it should have been.

To start with; Jmeter source that I downloaded does not seem to be compatible with java version 1.5 (or 5.0). Ant exits with the following errors.

[javac] javac: target release 1.2 conflicts with default source release 1.5


/opt/java/jakarta-jmeter-2.0.1/build.xml:633: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

That was easily fixed by changing the JAVA_HOME and the PATH so that ant made user of the older 1.4.2 installation than the 1.5 version. That resulted in the Jmeter binary being compiled but the documentation wasn't ready yet. As an added curiosity, once compiled jmeter would happily start up even if the JAVA_HOME was set to the 1.5 installation.

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