Mysql License


I made a startling discovery that could potentially make the mysql jdbc driver obsolete. More on that later I need to investigate it some more. In the meantime I decided to catch up with what others are saying about the license issue. Curiously there seem to be a shortage of new entries most of what I found were posted at least before July.

the blog; a dash of technology and a pinch of life; tells a story that's pretty much like my own encounter with mysql sales representatives. He had been offered a client license, in my case the sales rep didn't know about the existense of such a license and wanted us to by a license for a server that we will never redistribute.

Derek Balling has done a very good job of taking the wind out of some of the wacky statements made by mysql AB.

This blogger on the other hand is still a firm believer in the mysql gospel.

Another blog by Theo Schlossnagle is pretty close to my own attitude to paying mysql license fees as well.

Having read these entries and many others that you will run into in a countless mailing list archive you will probably want to give up on mysql all together and move to Postgresql. If you do, hope you find my mysql2pgsql schema migration tool helpfull.

Finally a sense of fair play says I should link to mysql AB's version of the story as well but please do keep your salt shaker at hand.

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