Mega Upload - Finally a new JSP edition


The java version of megaupload has finally seen a new release after a long long time. It's entirely thanks to a code contribution made by one of it's users.

Simon Chiaretta liked the JSP edition so much that he spent some time on it to bring it upto a level that is comparable to the other editions. As a result of his efforts the commons edition of megaupload now displays the time elapsed and upload speed just the same way that the PHP or perl editions do.

On a side note, megaupload is once again in the top 1% at sourceforge. Interestingly the project made it's way into the top 1% before the release was made. Usually you tend to see a project leap frog other popular projects immidiately after a new version has been released. This time around the movement came even before the new release.

What's special about mega upload when compared to other projects is that it's such a small download. In other words it's a really simple solution to what appeared to be complext problem.

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