Ram Disk on linux


When I tried out the Sinhala Knoppix a few days ago, that was the first time I had seen a Ram Disk in action since the days of MS DOS.

Well to be precise, I should have said a Ram Disk mounted after the operating system had booted up. It's quite common for linux to make use of a Ram Disk at boot time, in fact I have a java desktop installation on my computer that does just that.

I just bought another stick of RAM yesterday and that made me quite keen to try to mount a Ram Disk. I know that linux would cache files in memory when extra memory is available and speed things up, but that speed up applies only for read operations and not for write operations. Compiling software involves a lot of writes.

Mounting the Ram Disk turned out to be quite a trivial tasks. I did find a couple of interesting articles at http://www.aleph1.co.uk/armlinux/book/mkramdisk.html and http://www.lissot.net/partition/ramdisk.html

Unfortunatley after using it for a few hours, it started to produce IO errors so I decided to give up on RAM disks since there wasn't such a great improvement in speed after all.

Follow up: Ramdisk vs tempfs

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