AITCOM woes continue


Due to to a bungling by the bank that issued my credit card my AITCOM woes continue. A few weeks back I wrote on how to cancel an AITCOM account. The only way seems to be to cancel your credit card. That is indeed what quite a few others seem to have done as well.

Unfortunately, Cancelling your credit card does not mean you automatically get a refund for the money they have wrongly taken from you. For that you have to dispute the transaction and ask for a chargeback, which I did. The bank offered me a temporary credit 'pending investigation'.

After nearly two months I recieved a call from the bank saying they have had to reverse the chargeback because ait has provided documentary evidence about the transaction.

According to my understanding this documentary evidence has to be letters on paper with a signature , or at least that's what 2checkout the CC service provider we use tells us. AITCOM definitely does not have such signed documents, so i assume that my bank (which still lives in the dark ages) has finally started to accept electronic documents as proof. So I forwarded some emails and staked a dispute agains the resolution of the chargeback. let's see what comes of it.

In the meantime read some more about AITCOM;action=display;num=1092947306

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