The quest for the perfect wiki


Have you read The Quest for Karla by John Le Carre? I have always felt that the pace of his books was too slow. My quest for the perfect wiki is not moving any faster.

It was a week ago that I wrote about tavi and it was more than an year ago that I tried out mediawiki. Today it's the turn of PHPWiki

phpWiki is a product that gives of good vibes. Not only is the product compatible with both postgresql and mysql but you can even use it without a database. You can store your data in flat files or even CVS.

You would immidiately start thinking that the download size of 2MB is justifiable since this wiki gives you so many options. In actual fact most of the space on the tarball is taken up by themes - which means the code itself is very small; just the way it should be.

When the wiki was loaded for the first time I ran into an error

Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '64' reached, aborting! in /var/www/html/phpwiki/lib/BlockParser.php on line 280 Since this looks like an xdebug problem I edited the php.ini file to disable xdebug and gave it another go.

I now have what the authors termed a 'virgin wiki' on my computer now to figure out how to get rid of the 150 debug messages that appear on the home page and to figure out how to get rid of this Fatal error:Cannot instantiate non-existent class: file_passwd in /var/www/html/phpwiki/lib/WikiUserNew.php on line 2122, the closest I found to a solution was at :

The problem was solved by modifying the WikiUserNew.php file along similar lines.

Well the error message is no more but that does not mean I can login to the wiki. ( I do not want to allow anonymous edits) but enough for today.

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