USB Drive on linux 2.6.8


After a lot of effort I finally manage to mount my Creative MuVo Tx as a USB drive. As it turns out, part of the problem was that I had turned off SCSI support. According to what I gathered you don't need SCSI emulation for CD burning if you are using linux 2.6 (I haven't upgraded my CD Burning software yet so i haven't had a chance to try this out yet (CD burning certainly is an area where linux distros have been lagging behind)

While browsing I came to know that some USB devices may not be detected if they are cold plugged, the same can happen if you configuraiton is not correct. So I unplugged and plugged in my thumb a couple of times while keeping an eye on /var/log/messages it threw out some errors produced by hotplug. So I decided to upgrade hotplug since the version on my machine is more than 2 years old.

Then quite fortunately I came across this link: and that's how I learnt that not compiling the SCSI driver may be the root of all evil.

Now my USB drive shows up as /dev/sda1 and it mounts itself as a vfat drive but I am happy. Hopefully my webcam will spring to life pretty soon. Now to figure out why my 2.6.8 kernel runs a lot slower than the 2.6.5 version.

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