Mega upload 1.44


Mega Upload version 1.44 was released yesterday (7th Oct). There are two improvements over the previous version (1.43).

There had been a few reports of the progress bar reaching 100% and not changing thereafter to the 'upload complete' state. I had seen this happen a few times myself but never really bothered about it. Fortunately a user of Mega upload from Germany, Nils Menrad did look into it and noticed that in some rare occaisions the browser seems to send more bytes than the Content-length header would indicate.

The progress bar switches to the upload complete state when the number of bytes recieved equals the content length, this comparision would fail if the number of bytes exceeds the content-lenght. Of course it should never happen but apparently it does happen. So Nils suggested that the comparision should be equals or greater instead of equals. That's the way it is from now on in the 1.4 branch. The same change will be made to the 1.3 branch as well during the next few weeks.

The second improvement over the previous version is that there is a replacement for progress.cgi in PHP. This contribution was made by Mike Hodgson. If you want to make any changes to the look of the progress bar you might find it easier to edit progress.php instead of progress.cgi if perl does not happen to be your favourite scripting language.

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