Java 5 bug and a work around


Did you see that really massive stack trace (that was thrown by the supposedly stable version of java 5) in my blog a few days ago? I think I may have found the solution.

If you recall the java plug in seemed to have a problem at least in java 5 where a problem did not exist in the beta version. The choker is a little bit of style. The server side upload handler that we include as a sample with Rad Upload includes a little of bit of style hich is valid.However we do set a style of 110% to one of the table headers, java 5 seems unable to process it, even though previous versions could.

the culprit: <td style="font-size: 110%" align="right">

The problem could be narrowed down to the plugin bcecause if you load the offending html into a texpane in a JFrame it works fine. Rather than waiting for an updated version to e fixed we came up with quite a simple solution, a solution that didn't take any effort at all. So what's it? we made a minor change to the CSS.

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