I have been playing around with greymatter for a while now and have finally decided to give up on it.

My plan was to import all the entries for my other web log into a greymatter powered system. That way I get to study two systems concurrently. Unfortunately greymatter does not have an import feature.

Then I decided to explore the possibilities of altering the greymatter scripts or making an import script to carry out this task. That's easier said than done because one man's perl is another man's headache. Though I fancy myself as a perl programmer I cannot make head or tail of the greymatter scripts.

Then I had a look at the greymatter storage system to figure out if there is a possibility of 'injecting' entries into the blog. Unlike movabletype this system does not rely on a database for storage. All the entries seem to be just saved as a file and the file list is apparetnly what's used to keep track of the entries.

I did an injection and promptly corrupted my blog. Hence the decision to immidiately move away from it. I am not ruling out the possibility of greymatter being a fine piece of software, a software that I have just failed to get the hang of. So I am willing to give it another shot after looking at other bloggers.

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